In this edition of Vanguard Weekly, J. Richard Jones chats about citizen development and how technology applications are enabling scalable solutions to help citizens. Joining the show are special guests Brian Macdonald, Executive Director with Aman Lara and Caleb Walker, SVP Global Pursuits at WithYouWithMe.

Aman Lara is a not for profit group of former veterans and volunteers helping “good people get out of bad places.” They have had tremendous results, first in Afghanistan and now in Ukraine. Tune in to learn about the unique collaboration between WithYouWithMe and Aman Lara. We also explore the special app that has been developed to provide greater accessibility in helping extract people from dangerous places, all the way from the tracking and processing through to the final immigration stage.

In this episode:

  • The collaboration between Aman Lara and WithYouWithMe
  • The technology app and how it works while working with small budgets
  • Making the complex simple – getting through the process and bureaucracy
  • The challenges of working with technology and people
  • And so much more