We’ve been dealing with Covid now for over a year and a half, and a lot has changed during this time.  Work as we know it has been disrupted. Today, many are still working from home, some companies are looking to bring employees back to the office, while some are considering a hybrid approach.

In this episode, host J. Richard Jones speaks with one executive, Jean-Claude Siew, Vice President, Technology & Simulation at Bluedrop Training & Simulation, and how they have managed during the pandemic and what their take on the future of work is going to be like. 

Bluedrop is a small-medium-sized enterprise offering 100 per cent Canadian solutions. It designs, develops, and integrates advanced training solutions including simulation products, and highly interactive courseware. Bluedrop provides blended training solutions from classroom learning to simulated virtual environments aimed at improving safety, productivity, and efficiency to meet the demands of today’s modern armed forces. You can visit their website at https://www.bluedropts.com/.

Jean-Claude brings profound domain knowledge of training and simulation and management leadership.  He is focused on growing BTSI by bringing technology leadership and by further developing the products and services business working closely with large Aerospace and Defence OEMs.