Introduction of VIGILANCE at CANSEC 2023

During CANSEC 2023, Vard Marine Inc. (VARD), a part of the Fincantieri group, unveiled VIGILANCE, its proposed successor to the Royal Canadian Navy’s (RCN) Kingston Class Maritime Coastal Defence Vessels (MCDV). This development falls under Pillar Two of Canada’s National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS). Partnering with Thales Canada, Ontario Shipyards, SH Defence, and Fincantieri, VARD aims to equip the RCN with VIGILANCE—a highly versatile and lightweight military asset capable of global deployment. VIGILANCE is designed to execute all the functions of the current MCDV while also taking on additional naval warfare responsibilities that surpass the capabilities of both the MCDV and the Arctic and Offshore Patrol Vessels (AOPV).

Commitment to Cost-Effective and Capable Naval Solutions

The collaboration within Team Vigilance ensures the future fleet of the Royal Canadian Navy receives a bespoke naval solution that balances capability and cost. VARD’s designs are recognized for their life-cycle cost efficiency, a trait that VIGILANCE will continue to uphold.

Building a Canadian Coalition

A crucial element of the initiative is forming a wide-ranging coalition of Canadian companies that can supply essential services and equipment. This effort supports the core mission of VIGILANCE being entirely designed, built, and equipped within Canada. The Preferred Suppliers Program, introduced at DEFSEC 2023 in Halifax, is a testament to this commitment.

IDS North America Ltd. Joins as Preferred Supplier

The announcement at CANSEC 2024 highlighted Montreal-based IDS North America Ltd. (IDSNA) as a new Preferred Supplier to Team Vigilance. As a subsidiary of the Italian IDS S.p.A. and part of Fincantieri NexTech, IDSNA brings cutting-edge solutions to the defense and security sector. Their expertise in naval sector products, specialized engineering, and smart infrastructures is unparalleled.

A Legacy of Excellence

Founded in 1980, IDS has a rich history in the specialized field of electromagnetic design and engineering, focusing on essential aspects of naval combatant design such as EMC and EMI. IDSNA leverages this extensive experience, providing custom solutions through its team of professionals and technology experts. Now part of Fincantieri NexTech Group, IDSNA’s portfolio in Canada includes integrated logistics support, simulation, and training solutions.

IDS - Naval Electromagnetic Solution Applications
IDS – Naval Electromagnetic Solution Applications

VIGILANCE: Enhancing Canadian Naval Capabilities

VIGILANCE is set to deliver modern tools to the sailors of the RCN and the Royal Canadian Naval Reserve, ensuring they can safeguard Canada’s interests both domestically and internationally. By incorporating top-tier offerings from Canadian industry leaders like IDSNA, VIGILANCE will not only enhance operational capabilities but also foster the development of a sovereign shipbuilding capability throughout the value chain.

“We remain committed to leveraging VIGILANCE to help generate a true sovereign shipbuilding capability across all areas of the shipbuilding value chain.  This includes the areas of electromagnetic engineering and integrated logistics support critical to any naval newbuilding program.  Bringing IDSNA into the Preferred Suppliers Program is an easy decision given the suite of services they offer and the strong potential for knowledge and technology transfer from the impressive list of Fincantieri NexTech family of companies,” expressed Derek Buxton, Vice President Business Development, Vard Marine Inc.