Partnering to understand maritime domain security requirements from seafloor to water column, to surface and having the ability to execute the entirety of the maritime detect-to-engage sequence in a Joint All Domain Operational (JADO) environment has never been more important.

Increasing geopolitical pressures are intensifying national and international defence considerations. There is rising global interest in the enhanced role submarines play in the protection of critical infrastructures and vulnerable maritime environments. As a result, there is growing need for strategic alliances, necessitating defence industry partners work more closely than ever with each other and the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) to ensure cost-effective solutions to complex undersea domain challenges.

Joint All Domain Operational (JADO)

To align with the priorities of the RCN in the decades ahead, defence industry partners must support what the customer is envisioning and beyond to innovate and outpace threats as the landscape changes. Inside Lockheed Martin, this concept of deterrence and multi-domain integration for 21st century security is at the core of our corporate vision. Our teams are building the foundation for opens systems architecture to power an ecosystem that integrates our platforms and capabilities with the best of our partners enabling faster decisions through collective strength.

In today’s security environment adversaries threaten power generation and distribution capabilities, transportation hubs, economic centres, force projection capabilities and infrastructure. To stay ahead of these emerging threats, transformative technology across all domains will connect systems and people to make faster, smarter decisions.

Undersea, that may look like open-architecture submarine command and control systems equipped with multi-sensor data correlation and track management control, delivering a complete picture of the mission space on land, on and under sea, and in air.

Today, operationalized Canadian Forces aircraft, ground vehicles, ships and submarines collect an extraordinary abundance of information. Processing and analyzing that amount of data is becoming increasingly complex and challenging, especially when factoring in the multiple levels of security at which those systems operate. We know by synchronizing major systems and crucial data sources with revolutionary simplicity, Joint All Domain Operations (JADO) will empower the military to quickly make decisions that drive action.

The RCN requires highly capable submarines that can improve safety and support life in the most contested environments now and into the future. Throughout the life of the Victoria Class Submarine long-term in-service support program, a broad range of installation and integration, testing and training services has proven necessary and effective.

Lockheed Martin’s multi-domain expertise enables a new level of excellence, aligning partners to the 21st Century Security vision, accelerating the adoption of innovative networking and related technologies into product and service lines. Submarine command and control systems that enhance the performance and value of underwater platforms are imperative to guarantee the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Canada and our allies.