Combat-proven, state-of-the-art, and NATO-registered C4ISR products and solutions can change the game! Don’t solely rely on international suppliers but build your own in-country industrial capabilities. 

Deployable, mobile tactical C4ISR, and unmanned aerial systems (UAS) in defense and security areas helped Slovak-Canadian company Aliter Technologies become a leader in the NATO defence and security community. Its defence product development domains include all platforms of hardware design, prototyping, manufacturing, testing and comprehensive software and hardware development engineering. The outsourcing of manufacturing, if required, allows manufacturing and industrial know-how transfer. The core efforts and services are oriented to the operational and tactical level of command and control, and they focus mainly on the field environments. 

Aliter Technologies is a NATO-registered manufacturer and supplier (NCAGE #4127M). The company holds a NATO and EU security clearances up to the SECRET level as well as ISO 9001 and AQAP 2110 quality management, ISO 14001 environmental management, ISO/IEC 27001 information security management, ISO/IEC 20000-1 IT services management, ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management, and ISO 37001 anti-bribery management certificates.

The company’s unique in-house R&D capabilities, proprietary product portfolio, knowledge of military operational requirements, references from successfully implemented projects, ability to address customer requirements and maximize return on investment, the application of the most modern technologies and the provision of whole life cycle portfolio of services and solutions are the guarantee of the full satisfaction of the customers.

Products and solutions

The Aliter Technologies products and solutions are intended for use by armed forces including special operation forces, law enforcement agencies, fire brigades, rescue teams, civil protection, and crisis management personnel, in addition to other entities or organizations involved in missions of state defence and homeland security. The products and solutions are designed in accordance with both NATO, US and international standards. They are rapidly deployable, mobile, autonomous, simply operated, and capable of being used in severe geographic, climate and weather conditions.

Individual products are available in the deployable or in-vehicle installed versions. They are MIL-STD compliant, and their typical features are impact resistance, temperature change stability, reliability, small dimensions, low weight, ease of use and simple maintenance. An important advantage of the products is usage of passive cooling technology, that predetermines long life cycle and low maintenance requirements. The products are of high quality and functionality which has been proven in real world military operations.

The company product portfolio includes COMTANET® tactical deployable ICT modules, COMTAG® tactical mobile communication system, ruggedized devices such as servers, routers, switches, power supply units, DC power distribution units, radio gateways, and Manet IP radios. An important part of the product portfolio is formed by UAS solutions such as MMR mobile command post, and ViMa (VIrtual MAst) tethered drone system. The list of products is supplemented by the Laser Warning System, Simulation technologies and Tactical AVL system.


Aliter Technologies’ customers include multiple governments, enterprises, and international organizations. Aliter Technologies has also successfully delivered many contracts to NATO agencies and large defense contractors which includes but is not limited to Airbus Defense and Space, BAE Systems, Patria Land Oy and Ericsson.

Some notable examples of our portfolio include: MGCC (Mobile Ground Communication Component) IT Core HW and MBRs (Multiband Radios) for NATO AGS (Allied Ground Surveillance) Program; Deployable Area Communication System providing IP based voice, data and VTC services at the battalion and brigade command post level and are combat proven in  both Iraq and Afghanistan; Tactical communications system for self-propelled howitzers, rocket launchers including artillery command and control vehicles which are combat proven in Ukraine; and Tactical communication systems for a number of different versions of the wheeled and tracked armored combat vehicles for the Slovak Armed Forces.   

In conclusion, recent conflicts underscore the importance of advanced C4ISR solutions in modern warfare. Aliter Technologies stands at the forefront, offering innovative products and solutions to meet the evolving needs of defence and security operations.