In this episode, hear about the increasing value of data for defence and the impact of digital transformation in response to the pandemic.

Through digital transformation and innovation, Microsoft is empowering government organizations to achieve more as they engage with citizens, empower employees, optimize operations and reinvent government services and business models.

Defence and Intelligence Agencies are enabling strategic decision making and preventing personnel from getting bogged down with routine analysis of mountains of data by adopting artificial intelligence (AI). Discover how data, AI and cloud computing solutions are being used in defense and intelligence operations with this Frost & Sullivan White Paper, sponsored by Microsoft. To learn more about how you can advance your missions more securely, see how Microsoft empowers militaries, improves operations, and protects national security.

Joining J. Richard Jones in this podcast is John Weigelt, National Technology Officer for Microsoft Canada. Hear about some incredible examples of digital transformation, of which Microsoft is behind, in response to the global pandemic across public sector and the impact on defence and intelligence organizations, how it helps with strategic decision making, its use with deployed forces, data for defence and intelligence organizations and more.

John Weigelt leads Microsoft Canada’s strategic policy and technology efforts. He helps individuals and organizations across Canada innovate with technology while avoiding the unintended consequences that might arise. He leads Canadian outreach for a variety of technology policies including: Economic Development, Privacy, Security, Government 3.0, Accessibility, AI ethics and Interoperability. He also leads Microsoft Canada’s Responsible AI program and was one of the authors of Canada’s National Standard on Ethics in the Design and Use of Automated Decision Systems.