Recently, J. Richard Jones, host of Vanguard Radio, had the opportunity to speak with Ed Rodriguez, Vice President of Sales & General Manager of Citrix Canada on Vanguard’s sister podcast – CGE Radio.

It’s an interesting conversation about how technology has made our personal lives a lot easier. But what about the effect in the office environment? In our personal lives, we rely on a few apps but that’s not the case in the office environment. The reason being, technology in the workplace is often company-sanctioned and generally cumbersome to use. For example, a typical employee uses over a dozen apps to get work done. Also, it takes on average about four different apps to get one process completed. In addition to this, employees are interrupted throughout the day with text messages, chats, alerts and other notifications.

This creates a lot of noise in the system.

In this podcast, hear about a solution that can help quiet this noise down and help increase productivity in the work environment – Citrix Workspace. This is an intelligent workspace that includes features like an intelligent feed and personalized workflows, designed to simplify work and automate meaningless tasks so that employees can focus on their core jobs.

Hear more about Citrix Workspace’s new intelligence capabilities, its availability, customization and integration with other apps. How employees can use the new capabilities and the benefit to the overall organization.

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