A new report on the C4ISR Systems Market by Market Research Intellect delves into the different aspects of the global C4ISR market by considering the past, present, and upcoming trends to better understand the market more plainly. Of note, is that over the forecast period of 2020-2027, North America is in the leading position with the Asia-Pacific region making substantial growth. Other regions like Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe will continue to grow but not as compared to North America and Asia-Pacific. 

As with all industries and sectors over the last year, COVID-19 has also impacted the C4ISR Systems Market growth. The global pandemic generally has disrupted manufacturing and production around the world, which also affected C4ISR production capabilities. Notwithstanding, companies are working with alternative options to ensure that the C4ISR market continues its growth and to provide the necessary capabilities for defence markets around the world. 

In Canada, it is no different. The development and implementation of C4ISR capabilities continue to be high on the agenda for companies as well as the Canadian Armed Forces. Over the past eight years, Vanguard through its C4ISR and Beyond conference has provided a platform for bringing industry and military together to share knowledge of C4ISR. This conference provides stakeholders with an understanding of technological advancement and the challenges of C4ISR from a military perspective. The next C4ISR and Beyond event will be held virtually on January 28-29, 2021. To learn more, visit vanguardcanada.com/c4isr2021.

In the lead up to our event, we would like to share with you an article from Capt P. Scotty Marshall, who serves in the Canadian Armed Forces at CANSOFCOM. His article takes a look at C4ISR from a military information economy angle. He provides a unique look at C4ISR by painting the picture of “Snakes and Ladders” using four boxes: We know we know; We know we don’t know; We don’t know we know; and We don’t know we don’t know. C4ISR is about using methods to move knowledge to the first box, We know we know, so that Commanders can make decisions. 

Since 9/11, practitioners in the defence, security, and intelligence sectors have been engaged in a new “adversarial dilemma” within a rapidly emerging “digital battlespace”, according to Ray Boisvert and Shannon McClure from IBM Canada. As we move towards 2021, they write that we can see a new type of threat conveyed in the context of the weaponization of a broadly applied science that touches every aspect of our lives. The innovation is called data, and the threat itself is clearly identified as “cyber.”

In continuing our coverage of C4ISR, BGen Patrice Sabourin, Director General Information Capabilities Force Development at the Department of National Defence, talks about the Cyber and C2 portfolio of capital programs within his group and shares goals and objectives of these upcoming programs. He also touches on secure cloud for future C4I, modernizing C4I capabilities, embracing digital, and digital transformation with CAF and DND.

Moving on to the domain that is above us, Col André Dupuis (Ret’d) writes about space as a team sport. He talks about how the current evolution of military space programs around the world is a recognition that space is a domain that requires protection and defence just like any other. He points out that any discussion of the CAF’s military space program needs to be viewed through the lens of coalition space operations and having an understanding of the relationships between the allied and partner military space forces.

To close off this Editorial Note, I would like to introduce Vanguard Game Changers: Gavin Daly, Professional Services Manager from Axis Communications, and Andrew Kendrick, Principal Consultant from Vard Marine Inc. 

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