Babcock Canada Inc. (Babcock), a prominent player in the Defence and Aerospace sectors, and Barnacle Systems Inc. (Barnacle), an acclaimed manufacturer of remote security and monitoring systems, initially joined forces in 2022. Their collaboration was spurred by an Industrial and Technological Benefits (ITB) investment aimed at finalizing Barnacle’s innovative marine vessel monitoring and security device, the ‘BRNKL Black.’ The successful launch of BRNKL Black marked a milestone for both companies, encouraging them to explore further opportunities that leverage Babcock’s proficiency in data-driven asset management and Barnacle’s expertise in hardware design.

Building on this successful foundation, Babcock and Barnacle announced the extension of their ITB partnership to a new venture on May 27, 2024: the creation of a state-of-the-art remote monitoring and data logging device for land vehicles, dubbed ‘BRNKL Green.’ This advanced device promises to integrate sophisticated data logging features with real-time monitoring capabilities, significantly enhancing the operational efficiency and safety of land vehicles through superior in-service support.


“At Babcock, we are committed to supporting small and medium-sized businesses to grow and leverage industrial development within the defence industry through Canadian-based technology. This partnership enables both organizations the opportunity to leverage global knowledge and experience with in-country expertise to deliver an innovative tool that will support fleets of land vehicles,” expressed Jerry McLean, CEO, Babcock Canada.

As the two companies expand their focus to include land vehicles, the anticipated launch of BRNKL Green is poised to revolutionize vehicle data management and operational oversight standards.

“Building on our initial successful collaboration, we are thrilled to further strengthen our relationship with Babcock through this second innovative product collaboration. Our experience in the marine sector has uniquely equipped us to handle the intricacies of remote monitoring in any demanding environment. This new venture into the land vehicle market opens up exciting opportunities for both our companies to innovate and lead. We look forward to continuing our work with Babcock as we push the boundaries of what our technologies can achieve together,” said Brandon Wright, CEO, Barnacle Systems Inc.

This new investment underscores Babcock’s dedication to fulfilling its ITB commitments to Canada as part of the Victoria In-Service Support Contract. The ITB policy is designed to stimulate job creation and economic growth by mandating high-value business activities and investments within Canada that are equivalent to the contract’s value.