Key Highlights:

– Debut of the E-7A demonstration trailer at CANSEC

– Interactive T-7A simulator experience for visitors

Boeing is set to make a significant impact at CANSEC 2024, Canada’s premier event for defence, security, and emerging technologies. This year, Boeing’s exhibit will spotlight cutting-edge military capabilities designed to meet the Canadian Armed Forces’ needs, including an advanced airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) system, the Future Fighter Lead-In Trainer project, and a comprehensive helicopter modernization program. Additionally, the exhibit will emphasize Boeing’s commitment to industrial partnerships, sustainability, and a wide range of services.

E-7A Demonstration Trailer Debut

For the first time, Boeing will introduce its E-7A demonstration trailer at CANSEC. Outfitted with state-of-the-art mission crew consoles and a B737-NG flight deck simulator, the E-7A AEW&C has already been chosen by NATO, the U.S. Air Force, and the Royal Air Force as their next-generation command and control aircraft. This combat-ready aircraft is celebrated for its reduced operating and sustainment costs, increased mission readiness, and superior interoperability within a growing global user community.

Experience the T-7A Red Hawk Simulator

Attendees at CANSEC will also have the unique opportunity to try out the T-7A Red Hawk simulator at Boeing’s exhibit. The T-7A stands out as the sole next-generation trainer with military certification that fulfills contemporary training requirements at a lower cost. Thanks to its digital design, the T-7A integrates advanced training capabilities efficiently, significantly enhancing the training of future fighter and bomber pilots.

Interactive Defense Sustainability Exhibit

Furthermore, Boeing’s interactive defense sustainability exhibit will showcase the company’s efforts in supporting the sustainability goals of Canada, the U.S., and allied forces worldwide. This exhibit will highlight Boeing’s initiatives in achieving and promoting sustainable practices within the defence sector.

Boeing: Leading in Aerospace Innovation

As a global leader in aerospace, Boeing develops, manufactures, and services a wide array of products, including commercial airplanes, defence equipment, and space systems for clients in over 150 countries. As the top U.S. exporter, Boeing harnesses the skills of a diverse global supplier network to drive economic opportunity, sustainability, and community impact. Committed to future innovation, Boeing emphasizes sustainability, safety, quality, and integrity in its corporate culture.