TrellisWare Technologies, Inc. will provide advanced networking waveform capability for the Canadian Armed Forces’ Integrated Soldier System Suite (ISS-S). ISS-S was formerly known as ISSP (Integrated Soldier System Project), which is a project to support the dismounted soldier by providing voice, data, and situational awareness for better command execution. 

The CAF selected the L3Harris RF-9820S powered by TrellisWare’s TSM waveform under license for the Integrated Soldier System Assaulter (ISS-A) Radio. This program serves to upgrade the existing ISS-S radio capability to provide both voice and data communication between soldiers, while automatically generating personal location information (PLI). 

According to a news release, the TrellisWare TSM waveform provides highly scalable flat networking of voice and data that can be mission tailored for an entire Army Task Force with 800+ nodes in a single RF channel, and supports the CAF’s Land Tactical Command and Control (C2) Network with uninterrupted communications in dynamic environments. The TSM waveform is ideally suited for diverse missions because the waveform can scale from narrow 1.2 MHz channels for voice and positional reporting, up to 4, 10, 20 and 40 MHz channels supporting the sharing of multiple videos and other data. 

Equipped with the TSM waveform, the ISS-A Radios are better suited for contested and congested environments, among other current and emerging communication challenges facing the CAF. Due to the TSM being a true Software-Defined Radio (SDR) waveform, TrellisWare continues to evolve the capability with enhanced features and resiliency, while protecting Canadian investment in existing radio platforms. 

TrellisWare continues to support tactical command, control, and communications as networking needs and threats around the globe evolve. In partnership with Inter-Op Canada, Canada’s in-country TSM experts, TrellisWare remains committed to support additional and future needs of the Canadian Armed Forces and Department of National Defence. 

Using TrellisWare’s innovative Barrage Relay technology at its core, the TSM waveform is fundamentally changing the way tactical networking can be deployed for Canadian, U.S. and Coalition Forces, further enabling American, British, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand Armies’ Program (ABCANZ) interoperability.