In a significant move to bolster the Canadian Armed Forces‘ land capabilities, Babcock Canada, a prominent defence and aerospace firm, and Roshel, a top manufacturer of specialized armoured vehicles, have entered into a Teaming Agreement.

“Our team is delighted to be working with Roshel to deliver a proposal that will support the men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces. Leveraging our experience and expertise as a recognized leader in providing in-service support enables us to combine our extensive capabilities and deliver innovative solutions,” expressed Jerry McLean, CEO, Babcock Canada.

For over 16 years, Babcock Canada has played an essential role in ensuring the safety and security of Canada, offering comprehensive solutions tailored to the nation’s specific needs. With a wealth of global experience, Babcock excels in systems engineering, project management, integrated logistics support, and in-service support, providing maintenance, repair, and overhaul services for military land requirements, particularly for NATO allies.

“The war in Ukraine has pushed us to rapidly develop, test, certify, and combat-prove our vehicles in challenging conditions. As a well-established and mature manufacturer of armoured vehicles, we are confident that this collaboration will combine our expertise with Babcock’s extensive in-service support capabilities to deliver a robust and innovative Land Utility Vehicle solution tailored to meet Canada’s specific needs,” explained Roman Shimonov, CEO, Roshel.

Roshel, known for its rapid growth and industry leadership, stands out as a premier manufacturer of armored vehicles within Canada. The company has an impressive track record, deploying hundreds of new units annually and serving a diverse portfolio of esteemed fleet customers, including government bodies and major commercial enterprises.

Recently, the Department of Public Works and Government Services Canada issued an Invitation to Qualify for the provision of Land Utility Vehicles. Roshel was selected as a qualified bidder, and Babcock is set to support Roshel’s proposal by offering its extensive expertise in in-service support.

The Teaming Agreement between Babcock and Roshel underscores their joint commitment to leveraging their respective strengths. Together, they aim to deliver an innovative Land Utility Vehicle solution that meets the unique requirements of the Canadian Armed Forces.