US air defense will achieve end-to-end supply chain optimization and heightened autopilot accuracy with revolutionary AI-based provider.

A contract to work with the United States Air Force has been awarded to ThroughPut Inc. ThroughPut is an industrial artificial intelligence (AI)┬ásupply chain pioneer. This will help to further accelerates the Armed Forces’ ability to effectively manage and combat complex and thus-far unpredictable supply chain disruptions in real-time. Leveraging powerful AI, the US Air Force will be able to significantly enhance its operational command and agility while optimizing its entire supply chain, end-to-end. It will also be able to provide real-time recommendations to plan asset allocation.

“ThroughPut is honored to have the opportunity to work with the US Armed Forces.” said Ali Raza, CEO/Founder of “The US Armed Forces host some of the world’s most complex supply chain operations, where inventory & resource availability are critical to mission readiness and success. ThroughPut’s team successfully helps large corporations, logistics operations, and military environments maneuver bottlenecks for decades. ThroughPut’s unique capabilities include leveraging AI and data-driven technologies to quickly and efficiently reroute supply chain bottlenecks on large scales and greater orders-of-magnitude.  ThroughPut’s advisors and investors literally invented the field of “Constraint Management” and “Applied AI”. We look forward to empowering and serving more US Armed Forces with our capabilities and welcome additional inquiries.”

The post-COVID-19 world continues to struggle with political uncertainty. With threats escalating rapidly, military operations are under increasing pressure to be constantly on guard across the globe. But, defense forces are struggling with supply chain disruptions. This is impacting nationwide preparedness and procurement opportunities. ThroughPut’s AI-driven supply chain and operational intelligence will accelerate operational responsiveness for the US Air Force by acquiring vital visibility into current, developing, and likely supply disruptions. This will proactively eliminate such disruptions before they pose a threat to continued operations.

Military intelligence has yet to accelerate data use and literacy across all fields, deployments, and operations despite the growing adoption of AI across industries over the past decades. The is little margin for error given the massive scale of military operations globally. By leveraging AI, the Air Force is well positioned to transform its culture and harness rapid, optimized decision-making on the fly.