Welcome back to a brand-new episode of Vanguard radio with host J. Richard Jones. In this episode we speak about simulation training with two very special guests who come at the topic from two different areas. Anita Pawluk is the President of RaceRocks 3D and Cathy Press is the CEO of Chinook Helicopters. Since co-founding RaceRocks in 2010 Anita has led the company to be recognized as a leading high-tech firm delivering Technology Enabled Learning (TEL) and digital training solutions to the defence and aerospace industries. Cathy is the first female helicopter flight instructor in Canada, and she has grown the family business from two helicopters to an internationally recognized flight school. Both women are very accomplished entrepreneurs who are highly involved in their communities. In the discussion, the three explore what is currently available in terms of simulation training technology, its accessibility, and what the present challenges are in the field. They also discuss what the future holds and what benefits are on the near horizon.

Also in this episode:

  • What are the benefits of immersive simulation training technologies for learners?
  • What are the benefits for organizations?
  • How is simulation training being used today?
  • What is the cost?
  • Where is the future of simulation training taking us? Will it get better? Will it become the norm?
  • Why should organizations make the investment?
  • And much more!