The deadline for Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Canadian Surface Combatant program has been extended once again.

According to a release, the Government of Canada and Irving Shipbuilding Inc. are extending the submission deadline for this program so as to maximize value for Canadians while the government continues to work in close partnership with industry to facilitate responding to all questions from bidders.

The deadline for RFP was previously scheduled for June 22, but now that has been extended to be “no sooner than mid-August 2017,” the release states.

This is the second time that an extension is being granted for this RFP, the first deadline was set for April 27 but in February, the deadline was extended to June 22.

“It is not unusual for bidding periods to be extended, particularly for complex initiatives such as this one, which is the most complex procurement project undertaken by the Government of Canada in recent history,” the release says.

Due to the extension, the targeted completion for the procurement process has been moved as well from fall 2017 to 2018. The release highlighted though that the start of ship construction remains as per schedule for the early 2020s.