After a week of subcontract announcements by General Dynamics Land Systems – Canada for the Light Armoured Vehicle III upgrade project, the company last week delivered the first of 550 revitalized vehicles to the Canadian government.

“The on-schedule delivery of the first upgraded LAV III is an important event for our company,” said Danny Deep, vice president of General Dynamics Land Systems – Canada. “The upgrades we have incorporated on the LAV III will significantly enhance the vehicle’s survivability, operational capability and long-term performance. With our Canadian design, manufacturing and supplier base, we are proud to say that the best armoured vehicles in the world are made in Canada.”

In a release, the government said the upgraded LAV IIIs would be “state-of-the-art combat vehicles that will be used to transport infantry on the battlefield while providing defensive protection and firepower.”

GDLS-C was awarded a $1.064 billion contract in October 2011 to upgrade 550 LAV IIIs, many of which had seen extensive use in Afghanistan. Last November, an option in the contract was exercised to upgrade 66 additional LAV IIIs for reconnaisiance, a value of $151 million.

The recent flood of some 20 subcontract announcements are part of GDLS-C obligations under the Industrial and Regional Benefits policy, which requires that 100 percent of the contract value be re-invested in business activities in the Canadian economy. In total, GDLS-C will award over 500 subcontracts to suppliers across the country.

The LAV III Upgrade Project is one of four Family of Land Combat Vehicles projects announced in July 2009.