Cellula Robotics has been selected as one of the 26 suppliers to receive a contract for the esteemed Phase 1 of the CHARYBDIS project. This choice signifies a notable acknowledgement of Cellula’s proficiency and originality in the domain of unmanned surveillance technologies.

Led by the Autonomy Unit of the Submarine Delivery Agency (SDA-AU) acting on behalf of Navy Develop, this enterprise aims to initiate a variety of conceptual inquiries from diverse and reputable providers. The overarching objective is to realize unified uncrewed, enduring, and deployable systems for Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Surveillance.

The mission of the CHARYBDIS project encompasses the recognition, development, experimentation, and provision of technologies that provide constant, deployable, unmanned surveillance capability. The primary emphasis of this undertaking is to identify, categorize, pinpoint, and report underwater adversaries spanning vast oceanic expanses.

This commendable opportunity requires the execution of the initial stage of the project, with subsequent phases being meticulously molded by insights derived from the Concept Studies generated under this agreement.

Aligned with the strategic aim of the Royal Navy to amplify their operational superiority over potential opponents, Project CHARYBDIS emerges as a pivotal conduit. This endeavor seeks to exploit progressions in autonomy, robotics, and machine learning to transcend conventional methods, encompassing permanent infrastructure, transient sonobuoys, and labor-intensive platforms. This acquisition constitutes an essential component of the first phase of Project CHARYBDIS, seamlessly integrating into the Royal Navy’s leading edge of Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW).

As Cellula Robotics embarks on this cooperative expedition as a component of Phase 1 of the CHARYBDIS project, we anticipate revolutionary contributions that will redefine the underwater surveillance landscape and fortify national security.