ShipTech Forum is an annual one-day conference where various leaders and members of the Canadian Navy, Coast Guard and shipbuilding community meet to discuss important maritime and shipbuilding issues and challenges. The event is designed to showcase solutions to help with impending issues in the industry. Aside from this, there are also discussions on the emerging technologies in the marine, shipbuilding and repair fields. The goal is to create impact and spark positive insights that will eventually ignite progressive actions to be taken. 

This once a year gathering offers a lot of networking opportunities with government, military, and key businesses, so people can share ideas and speak about the underlying needs in marine and shipbuilding. If you’re also interested in this opportunity, below are some of the key people you will have the chance to speak to or even exchange best practices with at ShipTech Forum 2020: 

  • People from the Marine Industry which are involved in Shipbuilding, Ship Maintenance & Repair 
  • Members of the Coast Guard, Logistics & Support, and Classification Societies 
  • Representatives from the Government which include Federal, Provincial, and Regional Development Agencies 
  • Members of the Department of National Defence 
  • Personnel of the Royal Canadian Navy 
  • Various Industry Contractors such as Primes, Tier 1, Suppliers 
  • A lot of involved Small to Medium Enterprises and Consultants who serve as suppliers of parts and providers of services and support 

If you feel that you can advance your career and contribute improvements to your organization by meeting some of these attendees, then try not to miss out on this opportunity. Register now to attend ShipTech Forum 2020 taking place on February 25 at The Westin in Ottawa. To get an overview of last year’s event, check out our article The Future of Shipbuilding in Canada. If you also want to know the four reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on this year’s ShipTech Forum 2020, read our recent article here