Data is an enabler in C4ISR system in the digital age.

At C4ISR and Beyond 2018, a one day conference hosted by Vanguard, the topic of data will be one of discussion. The theme of one of the panels is coined “Weaponizing Data” which will field experts from leading data organizations who will share experiences, insights, and ideas.

These panellists will delve into data generation and stewardship, data exploitation by examining advanced analytics and AI, understanding interface and securing domain. The focus will not only be on what is relevant to the CAF and DND today but will examine possible outcomes in digital and technology for the future.

Speakers on this panel include Richard Williams of L3 Technologies, J. Sotropa of General Dynamics Mission Systems, Mike Day from MAG Aerospace and Carl Sharpe from Accenture. The panel will be moderated by Stu Beare of Accenture.

C4ISR and Beyond 2018 will take place on January 30 in Ottawa with the aim to bring together stakeholders from industry, military and government to discuss lessons learned, share technological advancement and its impact within the industry.

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