At CANSEC 2023, Vard Marine Inc. (VARD), a subsidiary of Fincantieri, unveiled the Vigilance Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV), developed in collaboration with partners such as Heddle Shipyards, Thales Canada, SH Defence, and Fincantieri – collectively known as Team Vigilance.

This partnership is focused on meeting the evolving requirements of the Royal Canadian Navy’s future fleet. The objective is to deliver a naval solution that combines operational flexibility with the cost advantages inherent in VARD’s naval designs.

In an ongoing effort, Team Vigilance is actively working to assemble a coalition of Canadian companies. This coalition aims to contribute essential services and equipment to the program, aligning with the approach of designing, building, and equipping Vigilance entirely in Canada. The Preferred Suppliers Program was introduced at DEFSEC 2023 in Halifax last month to kickstart this initiative.

Terragon Environmental Technologies Inc. (Terragon) was recently selected by VARD as a preferred supplier to Team Vigilance. Terragon will provide expertise in environmental and waste management technologies, integrating their waste management systems into the Vigilance program.

Derek Buxton, Vice President Business Development, Vard Marine Inc., said: “We remain fully committed to the mantra that Vigilance will be designed, built and equipped in Canada.  Bringing Terragon on board as a Preferred Supplier to Team Vigilance, with their innovative and leading-edge technologies, designed and manufactured right here in Canada, was a no-brainer.  Their equipment is already deployed in support of both the RCN and the Canadian Coast Guard and has also been successfully exported to the cruise ship sector where environmental stewardship is afforded top priority.  We aim to offer a green solution to the RCN and with Terragon in our corner, we are well on our way to achieving this.”

Effective waste management is pivotal to achieving the overarching goal of delivering an environmentally conscious solution. Vigilance not only aims to meet existing and anticipated regulatory requirements over its lifespan but also strives to incorporate the latest commercially available green technology, aspiring to be a zero-waste vessel.

“Terragon is very pleased to be part of the esteemed Vigilance Team as a Preferred Supplier. Our primary goal at Terragon is to provide innovative, high performing, environmental technologies that are developed and manufactured in Canada.  We take pride that our mission aligns with that of this exceptional team,” expressed Theodora Alexakis, Vice President Business Development, Terragon Environmental Technologies Inc.

Terragon introduces the Micro Auto Gasification System, or MAGSTM, a compact, efficient, and ecologically sound technology designed to convert waste into thermal energy. Currently deployed on various ships navigating environmentally sensitive waters, MAGS replaces shipboard incinerators. The system adeptly handles diverse waste streams, including paper/cardboard, plastics, food, oily rags, oils, and sludges, without necessitating segregation.

Additionally, Terragon’s Wastewater Electrochemical Treatment Technology, or WETTTM, emerges as a game-changer in electrolytic wastewater treatment. Configurable for treating oily water (WETT-O), greywater (WETT-G), and blackwater/sewage (WETT-S), WETT can either generate reusable water or treat water for safe discharge.

Vigilance, beyond providing the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) and the Royal Canadian Naval Reserve with cutting-edge tools for safeguarding national interests, positions itself as an exemplar in environmental stewardship within the maritime domain. It not only equips sailors for the challenges of the future but also champions sustainability, setting the stage for a new era in naval operations.