The Digital Divide, Digital Insurgency, and Communications in Modern Warfare

In this episode of Vanguard Radio, J. Richard Jones speaks with Major General (Ret) Rupert Jones and Caleb Walker, Country Manager, WithYouWith Me. The conversation delves deep into the need for a digital insurgency to bridge the digital divide in modern militaries while citing real time examples and lessons being observed in the unfolding Russia-Ukraine war.  How does the traditional military model of command-and-control communications stack up against free-flowing social media and open-source digital data that is readily available and in the hands of common citizens? Can digital communication be harnessed to shape a narrative and build an army that can change the course of a war? Buckle up for this exciting, cutting-edge discussion.

In this episode:

  • The unseen electronic warfare present in modern conflict
  • The 300,000 person IT army of Ukraine
  • Are Western armies training their soldiers effectively enough for digital warfare?
  • Can Western militaries bridge the digital divide?
  • TikTok videos versus tanks
  • And so much more!