How can the new government develop an affordable and coherent national defence strategy that addresses real-world 21st-century security concerns? What will it take to protect Canada’s stake in its resource-rich northern territory?

These are some of the questions industry and subject matter experts tackle in the Dec-Jan 2016 issue of Vanguard Digital which focuses on the Arctic – ground zero for the climate changes impacting the earth today.

In this issue, you will also find the latest news on contenders for the Royal Canadian Air Force’s fixed-wing search and rescue aircraft program, an in-depth look at global icebreaker development, a sneak peek of the combat vehicle that will replace the Humvee, an update on the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy, feature stories research being done in the Arctic and our photo coverage of the Shipbuilding Technology Forum hosted by Vanguard Magazine and the Shipbuilding Association of Canada.

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Vanguard Digital Dec.-Jan 2016
Vanguard Digital Dec-Jan 2016