In this show, Marcello Sukhdeo talks with Marc Bouvrette, president of Gap Wireless about Unmanned Aerial Vehicle solutions (UAVs). Hear about UAV trends, solutions, applications, training, regulations, and what to expect beyond 2020.

Questions include:

What trends are you seeing in the marketplace for Enterprise-grade drones and other UAV solutions?

What differentiates drones suited for the enterprise versus consumer-level drones?

What types of enterprise applications are prevalent today?

How extensive is training for drone operators?

Are regulations for enterprise drone use more strictly than for consumer?

With the increase in drone deployment overall, management of flight plans etc. must be taking up significant resources with regulators?

At Gap Wireless you are stocking and distributing UAV Solutions. How are you keeping pace with growing demand for the latest technology?

When you look to the year 2020 and beyond, what do you foresee for the UAV industry?

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