In Canada’s National Capital Region (NCR), Thales Canada had been recognized as a beacon of excellence in employment. This innovative company has secured its place as one of the top employers in the region, promising a bright future for both its current and prospective employees.

With plans to bolster its workforce by up to 100 engineers over the next five years, Thales Canada isn’t just hiring; it’s investing in talent and nurturing growth. Among the plethora of reasons that set Thales apart as an employer of choice, its commitment to providing unparalleled development opportunities for new graduates stands out prominently.

The prestigious Canada’s Top 100 Employers competition has duly recognized Thales as a key player in the NCR’s employment landscape. But what exactly does Thales bring to the table? In the NCR, Thales serves as a trusted partner to the Canadian Armed Forces, delivering mission-critical systems with unwavering reliability. Its expertise also extends to providing electronic systems integration for the Canadian Coast Guard, pioneering biometric identification capabilities, and offering top-notch e-security solutions for safeguarding sensitive data applications. Let’s not forget Thales’ significant contribution to space projects, with the NCR acting as a global competency center for the development of cutting-edge Hardware Security Modules – a technology that first took root in Ottawa in the mid-1990s.

“Every day, our teams collaborate to develop mission-critical systems and capabilities that Canadians can trust to enable and protect Canada’s digital transformation. This recognition as a Top Employer in the NCR is a testament to a culture of innovation, and a call to people passionate about serving those who serve to build a better future,” expressed Chris Pogue, CEO, Thales Canada.

But Thales’ impact isn’t confined to the NCR alone. With operations stretching from coast to coast across Canada, Thales has firmly established itself as a leader in corporate research and development spending. Committed to building a safer, greener, and more inclusive world, Thales invites individuals to explore why it’s considered a top employer in the NCR and to seize the opportunity to be part of its journey towards a brighter future.

On a global scale, Thales stands tall as a powerhouse of advanced technologies across Defence & Security, Aeronautics & Space, and Digital Identity & Security domains. Investing close to €4 billion annually in Research & Development, the Group continues to push the boundaries of innovation, focusing on key areas such as quantum technologies, Far Edge computing, 6G, and cybersecurity. With a workforce spanning 68 countries and boasting 77,000 employees worldwide, Thales generated sales of €17.6 billion in 2022 alone.

In Canada, Thales is not just a company; it’s a leader in research and technology, harnessing over 50 years of experience and the expertise of more than 2,200 skilled individuals from coast to coast. From defence and urban rail to civil aviation, digital identity, and security sectors, Thales Canada stands ready to meet the diverse and complex needs of its customers across all operating environments.