Barry Shepherd, the principal surveyor and client support manager for Central and Eastern Canada for Lloyds Register Canada, will be a featured presenter at a one-day shipbuilding technology forum hosted by the Shipbuilding Association of Canada and Vanguard on Nov 26.

Lloyds Register, founded in 1760 in London, England is a leading provider of marine classification services for both commercial and naval shipping and has been providing classification services to the Canadian shipping and shipbuilding industry since 1852 when its first office outside of the U.K. was opened in Quebec.

While the marine sector is still its largest business segment, it now operates in the oil and gas, energy sectors, and offers consultancy and quality assurance services.

Shepherd, a marine engineer who holds a Chief Engineers License and has sailed on both steam and motor ships, will address the advantages that can be realized if maintainability of hull and machinery are addressed at the early stage of a project.

“Classification societies are unique in that they are with a ship from the earliest concept design stage through to scrapping. It is often the case that Class is the only consistent factor as many ships change owners, managers and flag in the course of their life and we can provide insight into the various maintenance factors that will affect operational efficiency and overall asset management.

If the maintainability of the hull and machinery is addressed during construction it can have a marked effect on the life of a vessel. We are also cognizant that changes in technology can have a significant effect on how maintenance activities are managed and performed, new generation vessels can be expected to have more sensors, networks and computer based systems which themselves need to be maintained.

Lloyds Register has developed a number of Class notations that can be instrumental in offering owners guidance on maintenance and these notations often form one of the key elements in a new build contract so understanding the requirements is key.

In addition, our consultancy services have developed tools such as Maintenance Strategy Optimization that can assist owners in managing their maintenance programs , and for example could be to support an owner adopt wishing moving to a condition based maintenance approach.”


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