Naval Group and Fincantieri presented a proposal to the Government of Canada for an “off-the-shelf” design for the future Canadian Surface Combatant.

The French and Italian world-class shipbuilders are supported by both their governments in providing a “sea-proven solution based on the FREMM frigate design” for CSC for the Royal Canadian Navy.

Design of the FREMM frigate. Image by Naval Group.

If selected, the ships would be built in Canada at Irving Shipbuilding in “maximizing Canadian industrial participation and job creation locally” according to a press release. This would include a “dedicated and comprehensive transfer of technology” while working with Canadian suppliers to provide the CSC solution to the RCN.

Both companies have previously worked on various major naval projects, including the joint development of the FREMM frigate.

According to the release, the FREMM frigate is a versatile vessel and is highly regarded as a world leader in her class. The frigate is “able to execute any type of missions encompassing all warfare domains” including AAW, ASW, ASuW, Land Attack, Command Ship, and others.

Two modifications of this ship – the general purpose and anti-submarine warfare variants – are already in service in two leading NATO navies.

Source: GlobeNewswire