With the changing times, the Deep Blue Forum team recognizes the need to adapt so as to continue to provide the necessary information regarding the trends, challenges, and solutions for a sustainable underwater and submarine domain in Canada.

Canada, as a maritime nation, is surrounded by three oceans which is why there is significance in understanding the best practices in these areas for purposes of national security and defence. With this in mind, we’re shifting Deep Blue Forum into a virtual defence event in this space. 

The Deep Blue Forum virtual platform

This year, Deep Blue Forum will be hosted by the virtual platform, vFairs. vFairs is specialized in providing events for a global audience. Part of their agenda is connecting people from all over the world for a fully immersed virtual experience – almost like you were there. The Deep Blue Forum will have main rooms for panel sessions, which will allow live questions and answers from the audience to our speakers. Aside from this, a virtual lobby will showcase where you can network with various attendees, colleagues, and even industry experts.

If you’re in transit on the day of the event but still want to participate, the Deep Blue Forum virtual platform also offers a mobile-compliant and accessible feature, which allows you to be present in the conference even while you’re on your phone.

What do I need to attend to attend Deep Blue Forum virtual event?

vFairs runs on the cloud so you don’t need to install a software to access the online conference. All you need is a standard web browser and a stable internet connection.

Why should you attend?

  1. Learn about new and emerging technologies and capabilities that can help solve the challenges of the underwater domain.
  2. Hear from military personnel on what Canada is looking to invest in better support and enhance its underwater capability.
  3. Hear about unique and innovative technology solutions that can make underwater defence and security operations more effective, mobile, and independent.
  4. Networking opportunity.

Who should attend?

Marine Industries: Shipbuilding, Ship Maintenance & Repair, Coast Guard, Logistics & Support, Classification Societies

Government: Federal, Provincial, Regional Development Agencies, DND and Royal Canadian Navy

Industry Contractors: Primes, Tier 1, Suppliers, SMEs, and Consultants: Suppliers of Parts, Services, Support

To see our speakers, agenda, and other pertinent information for Deep Blue, go here. Register now to attend this event on Oct 29-30.