It’s been a big week for Kraken Sonar Inc. On August 4,, Kraken announced the launch of a Correlation Velocity Log with Tritech. Now, the Newfoundland-based company has signed a contract with French AUV giant, ECA Robotics.

The contract, weighing in at US$325,000, will see the integration of Kraken’s AquaPix processor in ECA Robotics’ latest AUV vehicle, the A18D.

“AquaPix is a game changer for seabed survey,” said Kraken President and Chief Executive Officer Karl Kenny. “We are delighted with this contract award by ECA Robotics (ECA Group). Demand for our AquaPix® sonar by some of the most influential companies in the unmanned maritime vehicle industry continues to validate the technology and open new market opportunities.”

AquaPix is a miniature interferometric synthetic aperture sonar and embedded real-time SAS signal processor. Designed especially for AUVs, the sonar system generates seabed imagery and 3D topography to guide vehicles through underwater terrain.

Deployed from ECA’s A18D robot, AquaPix will help conduct hydrographic surveys, oceanographic research, exploitation of seabed resources and search and rescue operations.