If you are one of the modelling and simulation companies queuing up for the Canadian Army’s Land Vehicle Crew Training System, there was some welcome news at the Army Outlook in April. Members of the project team confirmed that the LVCTS has received approval from the Defence Capabilities Board to proceed with a single delivery contract.

The $350 million project, referred to by one company as one of the largest networked simulation projects in the western world, will be seeking Treasury Board approval later this year, followed by a draft RFP in 2016, a final RFP in 2017, and contract award in 2018.

The project team said they would be conducting extensive industry engagement, beginning this fall, with an aim to gaining input on the specifications for what will be a core training system for the army. The LVCTS will consist of a multi-fidelity system, ranging from desk tops to full immersion simulators, networked across five high-tech facilities.