Welcome to episode 1 of a special 5-part podcast series. Join host, J. Richard Jones and guests, General Sir James Everard, former senior British Army Officer and Deputy Supreme Allied Commander for NATO and LTCOL Caleb Walker, Global Vice President of Defence for WithYouWithMe, as they take a deep and revealing dive into the ongoing process of engaging with and attracting the digital-native generation to the modern military and defence industry. There is a skills crisis unfolding in western armed forces and attracting the hearts and minds of digital natives is the key to winning this talent war.

Also in this episode:

  • The digital space
  • The lack of digital talent
  • The changing character of war
  • Attracting digital natives
  • Training digital technology Jedi
  • The human edge and information dominance
  • The role of education
  • Adventure, purpose, opportunity, and social impact
  • Preparing to fight the future fight
  • And even more!