Cyber attacks and asymmetric threats from rogue nations as well as terrorist groups – both from abroad, as well as homegrown – loom large more than ever. As defence and intelligence agencies around the world scramble to fortify defence from these emerging dangers, military industry analysts and observers are pointing out the increasing importance of boosting C4ISR capability.

At the C4ISR and Beyond 2016 event in Ottawa today by Vanguard Magazine, top defence department and military officials, as well as executives of defence industry companies, meet to discuss some of the C4ISR issues impacting Canada. The event is being held at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier, in No. 1 Rideau St. in Ottawa.

C4ISR stands for command, control, communications, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance. It is a military concept that combines all systems that allow commanders to understand their operational environment, control assets and identify mission critical factors.

The C4ISR market is estimated to grow to more than $133 billion dollars by the year 2020. This represents a huge opportunity for many Canadian companies in the defence industry primarily those that conduct research and development of advanced technologies.

Some of the topics to being discussed at C4ISR and Beyond include:

  • How C4ISR will enable military operations in the next decade
  • Coordinating C4ISR in the North
  • Developing mission-ready communications
  • Artic and Maritime surveillance

Rear-Admiral D. C. Hawco, MSM, CD, Chief of Force Development, the event’s keynote speaker, will discuss the C4ISR strategic vision of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Other speakers and panellists include:

  • Col T. S. Sullivan, CD, director Land Command Information/Army G6, Canadian Army
  • LCol S. Mark Parsons CD, SSO Strategy, DC4ISR, DND
  • Gregory Lick, Director General operation, Canadian Coast Guard
  • Brent Perrott, president, Hunter Communications, Canada Inc.
  • Aaron Brosnan, VP of business development, Thales Canada
  • Jack Rigley, director, New Satellite Systems Development, Telesat
  • CDR Mike Mangin, CD, directorate of Naval Requirements, Canadian Armed Forces
  • Col François Beaupré, CD, director Air Domain Development (DADD) Canadian Armed Forces
  • Andre Dupuis, president, Space Strategies Consulting Ltd.
  • Col (Ret’d) Pierre Leblanc, president, Arctic Security Consultants
  • BGen M. (Michel) Lalumière, CD, director-general, Space

The event, which provides an excellent opportunity for government and industry leaders to meet face-to-face, enables people from both sides to discuss, collaborate and build relationships.

For military officials and personnel, it’s an opportunity to learn about new and emerging technologies that can help solve the challenges of interoperability. For those in the defence industry sector, C4ISR and Beyond is a great way to hear from the military, what C4ISR systems Canada aims to invest in.