Data of and by itself is of no use unless it is converted into useful information that will help to increase knowledge and inspire decision making.

Data is a buzzword that has bombarded us for the past few years. Everyone talks about data. Governments, militaries, and industries globally are embracing data. But even in this new era of data collection, many are discovering that they don’t really want data, what they need is useful information from data to help make better decisions.

Yes, data is valuable but what is more valuable is using digital tools to analyze and transform data into something useful to deliver capabilities.

From a military perspective, how can the Canadian Armed Forces convert tactical data into operational effect? How can they use the data collected in each environment, harness it, and then use it in operations?

To go deeper, how can C4ISR systems use data to produce valuable information so that effective decisions can be made by collaborating? How does the data user in a cockpit, on the bridge of a ship or in a tank contend with a mind-boggling amount of data to be ready to act?

Even projects like the Canadian Surface Combatant and the Future Fighter are going to be heavily entrenched in digital platforms and data. How will each environment prepare to implement and use the data gathered from a tactical perspective?

These questions on data and the use of it to make decisions will be addressed by a panel at C4ISR and Beyond 2020 that will be held at The Westin in Ottawa on January 28. The panel will be headed by Col Richard Fawcett (Ret’d), Director of Business Development, Land and Joint Solutions at General Dynamics Canada and will include representatives from the Royal Canadian Air Force, the Canadian Army, the Royal Canadian Navy, and the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command.

Check out the video to see some of the speakers confirmed for this event.

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