The cybersecurity arm of defence and space company Airbus is collaborating with communications and IT solutions provider SITA to develop cybersecurity products and services for the air transport industry.

The two companies said they will provide incident detections services to airlines, airports and other transport industry organizations.

According to SITA the need for a proactive cybersecurity stance in the sector was highlighted by the company’s 2016 Airline IT Trends Survey which indicated that 91 per cent of airlines plan to invest in cybersecurity programs over the next three years.

SITA identified cybersecurity as one of five keys areas where it is exploring new solutions on behalf of its members as well as the wider air transport community.

“As an industry, we need to move faster in developing new cybersecurity solutions that mitigate the risk of ever-changing threats,” said Barbara Dalibard, CEO of SITA, “This requires constant collaboration and innovation.”

Airbus is a global leader in aeronautics, space, and related services. In 2016, it generated revenues of €67 billion and employed a workforce of around 134,000. Airbus offers the most comprehensive range of passenger airliners from 100 to more than 600 seats.

Nearly every airline and airport in the world does business with SITA and its border management solutions are used by more than 30 governments. The company’s portfolio covers everything from managed global communications and infrastructure services, to eAircraft, passenger management, baggage, self-service, airport and border management solutions.

The joint Airbus and SITA Security Operations Center Service is the first of a new portfolio of cybersecurity products and services being developed by SITA. The portfolio will help airlines and airports identify, detect and react to cyber threats while protecting their company assets from attack.

“Air transport is part of the Airbus DNA, so it was only natural that we joined forces with SITA to adapt our innovative cyber security solutions to this new service area, which is experiencing exponential growth,” added François Lavaste, head of Airbus CyberSecurity. “Our standard solution mainly combines real-time monitoring services for applications and communications dedicated to air transport and incident response services.””