We are excited to share with you the April/May 2021 issue of Vanguard. In this issue, we take a look at NORAD, Space and Supercockpits.


The Role and Importance of Space to National Security
Interview with BGen Michael Adamson, Director General Space and the Joint Force Space Component Commander, RCAF
By Marcello Sukhdeo

The Arctic and North American Defence
By P. Whitney Lackenbauer, Troy Bouffard, and Nancy Teeple

NORAD Renewal: Why Now?
By Michael Dawson, PhD

The Early Evolution of Supercockpit Technologies
By LCol Dean C. Black (Ret’d)

The What, How, and Why of Naval In-Service Support
By VAdm Ron Lloyd (Ret’d)

DASHBOARD – NORAD’s Strategic Principles
By Marcello Sukhdeo

GAME CHANGER – Natasha McLean, Vice President, Serco Canada Inc.

GAME CHANGER – Kiduika Daniel Obedi, Vice President, Aerospace Platforms Business Unit, Gastops Ltd.

THE LAST WORD – The Potential for Arctic Collective Security: Fundamental Challenges
By Troy J. Bouffard

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