For close to 35 years, Rousseau has been designing, manufacturing and marketing storage solutions for Canada’s national security and defence sector to the highest standards.

All products are created and produced in Canada. These heavy-duty, durable, modular and superior-quality products fully meet the requirements of the industry. With outstanding reliability, they are designed for intensive use, even in the most difficult conditions.

Rousseau products are available from coast to coast through a strong network of distributors.



Rousseau products are modular and easy to install. They can be easily combined to create a complete system and fit seamlessly into existing buildings and spaces. Thanks to their extensible design, a wide range of accessories can be added to the base models to further increase their features and functionality. And because they are interoperable, they can also scale and evolve in current and future systems, and in different departments and roles.


Rousseau products are scalable and withstand the test of time, backed up by a lifetime warranty. With multiple advantages such as durability, reliability and extensive choice, they rapidly become indispensable products. Available in both stationary and mobile versions, Rousseau products can be tailored to suit different applications and will last for many decades.


Efficient stock management

To make full use of all available storage space, Rousseau offers a smart combination of shelving systems and Spider® mini-racking combined with heavy-duty modular drawers. They help to achieve the goal of increasing storage capacity and grouping all parts of the same size together in the same place. A vast range of accessories can also be added to further maximize storage. One of the key advantages of this application is that the system is all managed in the same storage unit.

Efficient and ergonomic work environments

Rousseau’s wide variety of work centers and workbenches can be used to create a versatile, multipurpose and ergonomic work environment. With countless dimensions, different work surfaces, 20 standard colours and a wide variety of accessories to choose from for both stationary and mobile workstations, Rousseau offers endless possibilities all under the same roof. There are also many other options for improving comfort and facilitating work tasks: installing heavy-duty cabinets under the work surface or multipurpose frames on top; or integrating 5S components like utility panels with hooks, plastic bins and other holders. Components and accessories can be swapped in and out quickly and without tools.

Storage and organization best practices

To help develop best practices for storage and organization, Rousseau offers solutions for easy identification of tools and their proper place. With freestanding stations, equipment is always nearby and the workspace can be quickly rearranged according to the task at hand. Stationary and mobile heavy-duty cabinets are also ideal for storing tools. Their modular design means they can be configured and reconfigured for the ultimate in versatility. They are the most durable toolboxes on the market. By adding foam inserts in the modular drawers, missing items can be easily identified.

Rousseau has been a trusted Canadian company since its creation in 1950. It is committed to solving storage challenges and providing reliable and comprehensive solutions for all sectors of the national security and defence field: land, air and sea.

Rousseau adapts the way it sells products according to the locale and sector characteristics of where its customers are based. It does not believe in the “one-size-fits-all” concept. It offers personalized products that respond to the specific needs of its customers.

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