MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates of Richmond, British Columbia, has signed a US$4.04 million contract under an agreement with the U.S Air Force to enhance the flight path safety system that aides the design of airport approach and departure flight paths.

The original flight path safety system developed by MDA for USAF has been deployed worldwide since 2004, focused on the design of flight paths for aircraft fitted with ground-based navigation equipment. The enhancements under this contract will provide greater capability in the support of aircraft fitted with both ground-based and satellite-based navigation equipment.

Earlier this week, the company also signed two contracts totaling CA$7.5 million to provide RADARSAT-2 information and services. The first extends an agreement signed with the Norwegian Space Centre in 2003 to provide RADARSAT-2 information to the Norwegian government for a further three years for use in ice mapping, landslide monitoring, oil spill detection, and ship detection services.

The second extends until Novemeber 2014 a 2011 deal to provide RADARSAT-2 imagery in support of Europe’s Copernicus program (previously known as Global Monitoring for Environment and Security). The imagery will be used to provide mission critical information for sea ice monitoring of the Baltic Sea, Arctic Ocean, and Antarctic Ocean throughout the ice seasons. Copernicus was established to provide users in Europe with access to accurate and timely information services to better manage the environment, understand and mitigate the effects of climate change and ensure civil security.