We know where Harper stands on taxes, that Trudeau is focused on the middle class, how Mulcair will handle Quebec separatists, and that May is committed to improving Canada’s environmental record… but where are the leaders on foreign affairs and defence?

The answer is: For the most part, we’re not quite sure.

Here is what little information Canadians have on how much the Conservatives, Greens, NDP, and Liberal parties will spend on defence if any one of them (or a combination) form a government:

Conservatives: Propose a budget increase to three percent starting in 2017-18. This represents an additional $11.8 billion over 10 years.

NDP: ??


GREEN: 30% reduction in the $2.7 billion spent on DND contractors and consultants.

Now that we’re full swing into an election, there is only one party that has any sort of vision for the Canadian military, and unless there’s some kind of miracle, it won’t be forming a government.

With the deterioration of the global security environment and the engagement of the Canadian Armed Forces in places all over the world, now is probably the time for our politicians to put their defence experts to work creating a strategy. And if, by chance, they already have — now is the time to make it public.