Kongsberg Protech Systems Canada has signed a $100 million contract with Textron Systems Canada and Rheinmetall Canada to deliver the Dual Remote Weapon Station for the Canadian Forces Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle project.

The deal is a sub-contract within the $205 million agreement between Textron Systems and Rheinmetall announced in October 2012. Ottawa-based Textron Systems Canada is the prime contractor on the TAPV program, which will see the manufacture and delivery of 500 vehicles, with options for up to 100 more. The $603.4 million contract and a five-year in-service support contract of $105.4 million were awarded to Textron Systems in June.

Kongsberg Protech Systems will perform the DRWS work at its facilities in London, Ontario, doubling its current worksforce of 16. KPS is no stranger to the Canadian Forces. It has been supplying the Protector M151 Remote Weapon Stations since 2005. For the TAPV project, KPS is upgrading its system with a dual remote weapon station that features two mounted weapons that can be operated by both the vehicle commander and gunner from within the vehicle, reducing their exposure to enemy fire.

The contract fulfills a portion of Textron Systems’ industrial and regional benefits obligations.

Neil Rutter, general manager of Textron Systems Canada, said the company would be signing “agreements with other best-in-class Canadian suppliers” for the TAPV in the coming months. In addition to Rheinmetall Canada and KPS Canada, the Textron TAPV team includes Engineering Office Deisenroth Canada (EODC) of Ottawa.