Boosting Regional Economy with $314 Million in Investments for Quebec

In a notable development under the National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS), Irving Shipbuilding Inc. has entrusted L3Harris with two pivotal contracts. These contracts involve the supply and installation of the Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS) and the Control & Instrumentation system for the new Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) vessels, which will be constructed for the Royal Canadian Navy.

The NSS, a vital initiative, aims to bolster regional economies while advancing Canada’s naval capabilities. Irving Shipbuilding’s ambitious project involves the construction of 15 CSC ships, set to replace the aging Halifax-class frigates. This project, the largest and most intricate shipbuilding endeavor in Canadian history, will see the commencement of the Production Test Module construction this summer.

L3Harris is tasked with designing and delivering the IPMS, a sophisticated system essential for managing the propulsion, power generation, and auxiliary functions of the ships. This system is expected to significantly enhance the performance, reliability, and safety of the CSC vessels, thereby boosting the overall efficiency of Canada’s defence industry.

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“The integrated systems provided by L3Harris on the CSC are crucial for improving the safety and situational awareness of the CSC’s crew,” explained Manuel Perez, Director Maritime International Business Development, L3Harris. “The system provides navy vessels with real-time monitoring and reliable and effective communication capabilities, which in turn enhances safety, operational efficiency and mission success.”

The execution of these contracts will be centered at L3Harris’ facility in Montreal, promising a slew of skilled employment opportunities in the region. This includes roles for systems engineers, project managers, technicians, quality assurance specialists, procurement experts, and customer support specialists.

These contracts represent a segment of over $314 million in total contracts and investments funneled into Quebec, highlighting the substantial economic benefits driven by the NSS. This development not only showcases the impact of the NSS but also underscores its role in promoting regional economic growth and fostering innovation across Canada.

“L3Harris has a long history of collaborating with Irving Shipbuilding to support the Royal Canadian Navy and serve Canada’s national security interests,” expressed Perez. “Dating back to the 1980s, L3Harris was the first to implement the concept of an IPMS on the Royal Canadian Navy’s Halifax Frigate Program. Since then, we have continued to expand the platform’s capability and now offer one of the most comprehensive and advanced Integrated Platform Management System available on the market today. We are proud to contribute to the CSC and help deliver the best capabilities and protection for the brave sailors of the Royal Canadian Navy.”

“While shipbuilding may have its roots in Canada’s Maritimes, it’s no longer solely an Atlantic Canada industry,” said Lee Fromson, Vice President, Supply Chain and Quality, Irving Shipbuilding. “In ten short years, the NSS has rebuilt Canada’s shipbuilding industry and created supply chains which span nation-wide. We are focused on working with our partners and suppliers to advance the CSC and support our sailors charged with maintaining our security at home and overseas.”