Digitization, according to Gartner Glossary “is the process of changing from analog to digital form.” It is used by both industry and government to convert information into a digitized format, which is processed, stored and transmitted by computers so that it can be easily used.

As a side note, digitization is different from digitalization. Digitization is about converting information, while digitalization “is the process of moving to a digital business,” according to Gartner. Both often go hand-in-hand and can be confused as the same method.

To have such a digital presence though requires making the right strategic choices and understanding where to invest. It’s also about using the converted data across all aspects of an organization – from operations to supply chain, financial management, policy formulation and so on. But this digital journey starts with a human-centered design that incorporates new business practices and processes around humans. It also requires using the best data from digitization to empower humans to make proper decisions.

By using technologies such as cloud, AI, machine learning, and blockchain, an organization can build a robust digital architecture, incorporating digitization and digitalization. But that’s not all. It goes beyond hardware and software. It’s about the central elements along the digital journey.

So, how can digitization help drive business and operational processes for the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF)?

The answer to this question will be discussed at C4ISR and Beyond 2020 by a panel headed by Christiana Cavazzoni, Director General Data Strategy and Innovation, Department of National Defence and some leading experts from industry.

C4ISR and Beyond is a one-day annual conference hosted by Vanguard that brings together stakeholders from industry, military, and government to review lessons learned and share technological advancement in C4ISR.

C4ISR and Beyond 2020 will take place on January 28, 2020, at The Westin in Ottawa. Tickets are going quickly as the early bird discount is about to end on December 1. Take advantage of the special discount and get your ticket today.

Image: Pixabay