After travelling over 23,000 nautical miles and completing 90 days of operational patrols in the Asia-Pacific region, Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Calgary, made a triumphant return to CFB Esquimalt today.

Crew members from the Japanese Ship (JS) KIRISAM prepare to board JS KIRISAM’s helicopter on the flight deck of Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) CALGARY during Operation PROJECTON in the Pacific Ocean on November 29, 2018. Photo: Leading Seaman Mike Goluboff, MARPAC Imaging Services ©2018 DND-MDN CANADA ET11-2018-0475-231 ET11-2018-0475-231

The Halifax-class frigate was assigned to Operation PROJECTION in the Asia-Pacific region for a five-month period, where it participated in three multinational maritime engagements – KAKADU 2018 in Australia, and KEEN SWORD and KAEDEX in Japan. It also conducted operations in support of “the United Nations Security Council sanctions regime related to North Korea, as part of a multinational initiative alongside partners and allies,” according to a release.

This was Canada’s second deployment to the region under Operation PROJECTION 2018, following on the heels of HMCS Vancouver, which was deployed from April to June.

“The sailors of HMCS Calgary have worked tirelessly on the international stage since August 2018, demonstrating tremendous professionalism, commitment, and dedication to excellence at sea,” said RAdm Craig Baines, Commander Maritime Component Command.

During the course of the Operation, the ship docked at ports in five countries, including Guam and Pearl Harbor in the US, Darwin in Australia, Jeju and Busan in the Republic of Korea, Yokosuka and Sasebo in Japan and Da Nang, Vietnam. The last port was the first for a Halifax-class frigate.

Naval Replenishment Unit Asterix, which is operated and managed by Federal Fleet Services, also participated in Operation PROJECTION from August to December 2018 by supporting HMCS Calgary and other partners.