On July 23, the federal government reissued a much anticipated bid solicitation for the Canadian Army’s Medium Support Vehicle System.

The re-launch of the MSVS project comes almost a year after the government suddenly cancelled the competition to find a replacement for the army’s 1980s-era Medium Logistic Vehicle, Wheeled (MLVW). On July 11, 2012, minutes before companies were to submit their bids, the program was stopped in its tracks. In an email at the time, Public Works and Government Services Canada said that “economic, marketplace and budgetary circumstances [had] changed” since the process began and the government would be reassessing the army’s requirements.

While some of the specifications may have changed, the need for military pattern logistics vehicles has not. The project calls for up 1,500 medium-sized trucks in five variants: cargo, cargo with material handling crane, load handling system, cargo mobile repair truck and gun tractor. The project also includes up 300 trailers, 150 armour protection systems and associated equipment, as well as a 20-year in-service support package.

The government will be seeking an industrial and regional benefits proposal equal to 100 percent of the contract value, including at least 20 percent direct benefits for the acquisition itself and 35 percent for the ISS contract. As with the most major defence projects these days, PWGSC is highlighting the involvement of a fairness monitor throughout the process. A bidders’ conference will be held on September 17 in Ottawa.