Building on the weapon-effects simulation (WES) system it currently provides the Canadian Army for training facilities like the Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre in Wainwright, Cubic Defense Application (CDA) will now deliver an urban operations training system (UOTS) capability.

Under a $12 million contract amendment, Cubic will work on the initial phase of a project that will begin to develop urban village training in several new builds at bases across Canada. The initial phase includes integrating and validating the system instrumentation that will be used in the UOTS environment.

Cubic has been providing the WES force-on-force engagement training system since 2006 when the army enhanced training as part of its road to high readiness for operations in Afghanistan.

“Cubic is committed to providing our customers with innovative solutions that deliver more dynamic and effective training experiences to not only improve operational readiness but also reduce training costs,” said CDA president Dave Schmitz. “Our solutions prepare warfighters to engage in the complex and constantly changing urban environment and help develop warfighters’ intuitive decision making skills so they have the confidence to act appropriately and decisively.”

The initial phase of the project is expected to be completed in December 2015 and will be followed by the award of a follow on deal to install the system instrumentation across all of the UOTS villages and buildings.

Cubic will install hundreds of devices for high-fidelity tracking solutions, including grenade and improvised explosive device simulators, video equipment, video servers and special effects generators, such as sights, sounds and smells, as well as targets.

The data obtained from the high-fidelity tracking devices will be routed to a central location, where it will be aggregated into a real-time view of the training scenario and stored for after-action review, providing detailed assessment and feedback to evaluators and soldiers on the execution of their tactics, techniques and procedures.
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