Jody Thomas, commissioner of the coast guard will move to the position of Senior Associate Deputy Minister of National Defence effective March 13 this year.

Current Coast Guard Deputy Commissioner for strategy and shipbuilding Jeffrey Hutchinson will replace Thomas as commissioner of the coast guard.

The recent development also means a slight change to Vanguard Magazine’s upcoming Shipbuilding Technology Forum scheduled for March 2nd in Ottawa. The event’s keynote speech, which was supposed to be delivered by Thomas, will now be made by Hutchinson.

“Vanguard Magazine congratulates both Thomas and Hutchinson in their new appointments. They have both distinguished themselves in their respective careers,” Terri Pavelic, editor-in-chief of Vanguard, said. “We look forward to hearing more good things about them in their new posts.”

The Shipbuilding Technology Forum will move ahead as scheduled, she said, and attendees will benefit further from hearing what Hutchinson will have to about the service emerging roles and challenges.

“We look forward to hearing from Hutchinson about his vision and plans for the Canadian Coast Guard,” Pavelic said.

Thomas is the first female commissioner of the coast guard. It has not yet been announced what her particular portfolio will be as a senior associate deputy minister. She spent most of her career in the federal government before moving to the coast guard in 2010. Thomas was appointed coast guard commissioner in 2010.

Hutchinson was appointed deputy commissioner of the coast guard in 2015.He was previously director general for national strategies and director general for integrated business management services of the coast guard. He has 12 years of experience as a senior civil servant in disciplines ranging from law to front-line operations.

For more information on the Shipbuilding Technology Forum, click on this link.