Calian Group Ltd., renowned for its innovative solutions in healthcare, communications, learning, and cybersecurity, has been awarded a contract by the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) to develop cutting-edge spectrum interference simulation technology.

This initiative aims to address the critical need for effective coordination of frequency usage within the Radio Frequency (RF) spectrum, essential for the CSA’s ongoing missions, particularly in Earth observation endeavors. With the escalating presence of satellite constellations in Earth’s orbit, the demand for spectrum allocation intensifies, raising concerns about potential interference that could disrupt CSA’s scientific operations. Calian’s simulation software is poised to provide essential support by furnishing the CSA with invaluable insights for strategic planning and pre-emptive measures against spectral congestion challenges.

“We are thrilled to support the CSA by providing an innovative solution to facilitate Canada’s ongoing scientific mission operations,” said Patrick Thera, President Advanced Technologies. “These missions hold critical importance in providing a unique perspective of Earth—driving leading-edge science and enabling applications and services across Canada.”

At the core of Calian’s solution lies the EarthMeshTM modelling software platform, an advanced tool designed to empower space agencies, satellite operators, and terrestrial entities in forecasting, assessing, and optimizing RF spectrum utilization.

“EarthMeshTM is an elastic computational engine utilized to model and analyze extensive and dynamic networks of space and ground-based assets over time and space,” explained Russ Palmer, VP of Software Defined Solutions. “The Earth’s RF spectrum is a finite resource. As orbits become more crowded, technologies like EarthMeshTM empower space agencies and satellite operators to plan and manage their missions and operations to optimize radio resource usage.”

With over five decades of experience, Calian has established itself as a leader in delivering sophisticated ground-based solutions for the satellite industry.