A program that aims to help spouses of members of the Canadian Armed Forces find jobs will have its national launch this April.

METSpouse was launched as a pilot program in 2016 during which 51 military spouses in seven locations across the country were helped by the program to secure stable jobs.

On April 19, METSpouse will be launched nationally in partnership with the Military Family Services.

The challenge of finding gainful employment is an issue the affects thousands of spouses of CAF members throughout Canada.

The METSpouse program is an offshoot of the Military Employment Transition (MET) program originally developed back in 2012 in coordination with the Department of National Defence and Veterans Affairs Canada. The MET Program assists CAF members, reservists, veterans and military spouses seeking jobs in the civilian environment.

The METSpouse Program is an employer network, administered by Canada Company and Military Family Services. The program works with employers who are aware of the inherent employability of military spouses and explore accommodation for this mobile workforce.

In turn, employers strengthen their workforce and enhance their organizational culture and reputation.

You can learn more about MET and METSpouse by emailing the MET Program at EPinfo@canadacompany.ca or by clicking on the link: https://www.metforce.ca/met/en/