C4i Consultants is announcing the latest release of its disaster and emergency management training solution, EDMSIM (Emergency and Disaster Management Simulation), which mimics the challenges of responding to any man-made or natural disaster.

C4i Consultants’ areas of expertise include award-winning custom software development, system integration, training solution development and mission command and simulation solutions targeted to commercial and government organizations at all levels in the energy, defence, public safety and homeland security sectors. The organization’s “all hazards” release is designed for seamless interoperability with Bohemia Interactive’s (bisimulations.com) 3D “Virtual Battlespace 3” environment as well as continuing support for a wide variety of C2 (Command and Control) systems. It includes complete and realistic Pandemic exercise tools, including state of the art infection models providing medical and health agencies the ability to effectively and accurately run infectious disease exercises.

The addition of these tools confirms EDMSIM’s lead as the most versatile emergency simulation tool on the market.

Other improved components include:

  • Our industry leading ESRI (esri.com) ArcEngine Runtime map tools are now enhanced to allow users to understand their units’ response times. Dispatchers can analyze drive time, determine service areas and also query the closest facilities such as hospitals.
  • Automation of ambulance functions to simplify dispatcher activities improve the user/controller’s participation in an exercise.
  • Additional support for multiple languages within the simulation at the same time. Now we support English, French, Portuguese and Spanish within the same exercise.
  • Our Emergency Creation Tool now allows you to introduce conditional triggers, including launching Master Scenario Events List messages when a particular trigger occurs. As well, when a selected simulation entity nears a defined point or area on the map, other messages are released. This provides for much more realistic information-based exercises.

Designed for Emergency Management staff, Emergency Operations Centers and Civil Leadership, EDMSIM is currently saving lives by helping organizations like US Northern Command, the US National Guard, Public Health Agencies, Nuclear Power Plants, Municipalities and others prepare for their next emergency.

Visit c4ic.com for more information.