3M Canada will provide the U.S. Army with its new 3M M61 Respiratory Mask Canister in a deal recently negotiated through the Canadian Commercial Corporation.

The advanced filter technology in the lightweight canister is part of the new M50 Joint Service General Purpose Mask and companion M51 Combat Vehicle Mask, both of which are fielded by all branches of U.S. military.

The contract is valued at over $3 million and allows for an indeterminate quantity to be supplied as needed, setting its potential value at over $100 million based on a seven-year period.

“The 3M M61 canister combines the latest filter technologies with four decades of 3M respiratory expertise, providing optimal troop protection without impacting tactical agility,” said Glenn Long, business development manager for 3M Canada. “The use of dual 3M M61 canisters on the M50 and M51 masks reduces breathing resistance, enhancing both troop safety and performance.”

The 3M M61 provides protection against a wide range of respiratory threats beyond conventional military hazards, including potential toxic industrial chemicals and gases during counterterror and natural-disaster response missions. The dual-canister designs of both systems allow for replacement of the canisters while maintaining a protected breathing environment.