The Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) project was talked about and debated for a number of years. Today, the contract has been awarded and work will commence in the early 2020s with an expected delivery of the first of 15 ships by mid-2020s.

In February 2019, the Government of Canada confirmed that the bid from Lockheed Martin Canada has been selected for the design of CSC, which is based on the BAE Systems Type 26 Global Combat Ship.

Lockheed Martin Canada is partnering with BAE Systems, CAE, L3 Technologies, MDA and Ultra Electronics in offering the Royal Canadian Navy an advanced and modern warship design. Part of this solution includes Lockheed Martin Canada’s internationally renowned and Canadian-developed combat management system, the CMS 330.

Today on Vanguard Radio, we are excited to talk with Gary Fudge, Vice President & General Manager of Lockheed Martin Canada about CSC and CMS 330.

Hear about Lockheed Martin Canada’s innovation in this space going all the way back to the 1980s. Learn more about some of the innovative projects that were done over the years, the genesis of the CMS 330, the upgrades that were made to keep this solution current with the times, how this technology is being used by other navies, areas that are being considered to advance the CMS 330, new innovative technologies for CSC, and some of the next steps in the CSC process.

To learn more about Lockheed Martin Canada’s CMS 330, go here.