Burnaby-based OSI Maritime Systems has signed a contract to provide its ECPINS-W software to the U.S. Navy’s Ship-to-Shore Connector Landing Craft (SSC) program.

The software that will be integrated into the SSC Command, Control, Communications, Computers & Navigation system. The navy plans to build 73 landing craft under the program.

According to OSI, “the selection of ECPINS-W simplifies the navigation system design. Other designs use distinctly separate marine and land navigation systems, requiring the operator to manually transition from one system to another. The unique display capability of ECPINS-W supports more than 30 chart and map formats and brings together marine and terrestrial navigation into one system. This capability removes the need for additional software and hardware systems, resulting in overall cost savings and operating efficiencies by allowing for the seamless shift in navigation regimes without the need for operator actions.”